New Mexico Adventure

A Visit to Plaza Blanca

New Mexico is a state which is full of hidden gems which you don’t read about often, but when you find them they capture your imagination just like any of the big ticket items. This weekend, I got the chance to explore one of those places in Plaza Blanca near Abiquiu.

Plaza Blanca is a magical place with sheer white rock cliffs, highly textured, and otherworldly. Georgia O’Keefe was one of the many artists who were inspired by this magical scenery.
The incredible rock formations mixed with the high desert vegetation makes for scenery that has inspired Hollywood as well as world known painters.
This magical land actually is on the land of the Dar Al Islam mosque. The mosque’s willingness to share this beauty with the world is a testament to generosity and inclusion that I will be forever grateful I got the chance to experience for myself.
I really enjoyed the slot canyon portions of Plaza Blanca. There were areas where there was a mere foot or so of clearance as I maneuvered through the rocks.
Underrated: The wildflowers of New Mexico. They’re starting to pop up everywhere.
All in all, count me as a believer. Plaza blanca is a magical place worthy of a visit. Its one of New Mexico’s many hidden gems which you absolutely should try to take in if you get a chance to visit.

By Raychel Sanner

I'm a trans photographer and filmmaker based in New Mexico. I love adventure and travel and exploring my state. I chase down incredible storms and skies. I advocate for good mental health and for my trans siblings.

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