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The Monsoon Had a Busy Week!

Whoa! What a week that just was. I am so far behind on processing timelapses and photos from several incredible storm days that it is going to take this entire week to catch up.

BTW thanks to the monsoon for being active then taking a much deserved break to allow for me to catch up. Seriously, clutch.

I honestly don’t know where to begin beyond that except to say, here’s a bunch of pretty pictures from this week!

A cell at sunset over the Contenintal Divide north of El Morro National Monument.
Lightning striking in a compact core on the right side of this frame. I was shooting this as a timelapse and the middle core never really got a bolt while the one on the right went ham. So it goes!
Double lightning strike on a cell north of Moriarty, New Mexico. This was one of several strikes out of this compact updraft.
Another strike out of the cell above.
A big strike just after dark near Stanley, New Mexico. These things were so bright and single strokes. Very hot lightning!
Double lightning strike captured at Waldo Canyon in Central New Mexico.
A strike out of a nearby storm base S and E of Laguna, New Mexico. There are a few other more promising strikes in this series I need to edit but did you read that part where I’m behind?!
A lightning strike on a cell north of Moriarty, New Mexico with the Sandias and east mountains in the distance.

By Raychel Sanner

I'm a trans photographer and filmmaker based in New Mexico. I love adventure and travel and exploring my state. I chase down incredible storms and skies. I advocate for good mental health and for my trans siblings.

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