A Potpourri of Recent Photos From My Adventures!

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Um wow! Lots of photos recently to share.

I promise there’s a real structure coming to this blog soon but the enduring piece will also be me just showing off my work via photos.

The monsoon took a very unfortunate and dare I say it, ill timed, break — but as the calendar turned over to September I’ve had a lot more luck. Here’s some pics.

A big bolt of lightning reaches down from a monsoon thunderstorm near Tucumcari, NM. I’m going to talk about how I captured this lightning photo in a blog post sometime soon! It features some exciting new technology.
A bolt of lightning stretches across a stormy New Mexican sky. You can see a train (blurry) on the horizon as well. Eastern New Mexico is really freaking cool.
Lightning arc’ing down from a thunderstorm near sunset just west of Tucumcari, NM.
Lightning arcing down from a storm near Carrizozo, NM. This is one of my new favorite areas. It’s always so active and the landscape is PHENOMENAL just to the east of this photo (I wish this storm were there!)
A sampling of that terrain with anvil blowoff/storm debris overhead. WOW!
Another view of the valley around Carrizozo. Lots of road seen the past week or so!
Sunsets are the best, but I need to be more mindful to time-lapse and frame up skies like this!

That’s all for now! Lots of new stuff coming soon. I’m waiting for the big move into the new house and for the new studio to be set up, then its game time!

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