General Musings

All Quiet!

Halito my friends! (That’s Choctaw for hello!)

I’m writing this blog post in Seat…Albuquerque. It’s cool, grey, and rainy outside and understandably doesn’t quite feel like New Mexico currently. Sorry for the confusion on that.

I had some plans with the warm-core low moving north over the region to chase some storms this weekend but alas — there are extensive clouds and I don’t really see any way you’ll get good looking photos out of this pattern in the daylight hours.

That means my monsoon season may be done. This week is the big move to the new house — and while I’m excited about it, I’m also realizing we still have a lot of work to do this week to be ready for the big move.

Getting into the house is a precursor to a lot of new content though! We’ve reserved a room to be a studio, which means I’m getting back into the video game! I’m looking forward to all of this, but expect a slowdown in posts over the next week or two as we make the big move.

See you on the other side!!!

By Raychel Sanner

I'm a trans photographer and filmmaker based in New Mexico. I love adventure and travel and exploring my state. I chase down incredible storms and skies. I advocate for good mental health and for my trans siblings.

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