New Mexico Adventure

What a Weekend! Some pics of the scenes captured!

Wow! Some weekends just stand apart from the others when it comes to a successful outing with the camera. This past weekend was no different as I scored numerous bolts and really amazing scenes. I’ve got too much material to pour through and honestly, the volume is beginning to get to me in a daunting […]

New Mexico Adventure Weather Adventure

That Sunset Though…

Last night as outflow from storms in eastern New Mexico raced west — we saw dry showers and thunderstorms try to develop over the city of Albuquerque. Eventually, the lower atmosphere wet enough and we had some light rain in parts of the metro. But weather wise, yesterday was just a run of the mill […]

Weather Adventure

Monsoon Shoot, Day 1 (June 22, 2019)

Back in November, I visited northwest New Mexico and thought immediately I had to absolutely return to shoot in the summer. I didn’t know it, but that was exactly where my first full purposeful day of monsoon shooting in 2019 would lead me. The San Juan Basin is generally wide open with incredible rock formations […]